About us

Impressive Transforms Sdn. Bhd. (ITSB) is a growing company and viable in the timber industry and wood-based furniture makers in Malacca. Itsb is a comprehensive company in the timber industry. We have 4 acre factory premises with rubber wood processing activities started from "Sawmil, Kiln dry, Molding and Furniture". It indirectly becomes "One Stop Center" rubber wood processor.
Let us tell you

More than 17 years of experience in the timber industry starting from the level initial, area clearing and planting up to the supply of logs, boards and components to the wood industry. Own production of raw materials high capacity ie over +- 3000 tons per month is ITSB's capability as a supplier raw materials to furniture manufacturers in the south of the country since 2005 until now.

  • Ruuberwood Fingerjoint Board

  • Furniture

  • Sawn Timber

  • Wood Dust

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