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Impressive Transforms Sdn. Bhd. (ITSB) is a bumiputera company that is growing rapidly and is viable in the timber industry. ITSB is a furniture manufacturing company based on wood, panels, iron, and upholstery in the state of Melaka and has been comprehensive in the furniture industry for 18 years.

Our Activity

ITSB able to manufacture furniture according to customer taste, product design trends and specifications that have been set by government agencies such as the Ministry of Education and others. The company has experience renting and purchasing furniture, mattresses, pillows, and other items for Malaysian educational institutions, including government agencies. The company is also experienced in supplying primary and secondary school desks according to the specifications of the Malaysian Ministry of Education throughout Malaysia.

Company Video Process

  • Sawn Timber

  • Wood Log

  • Fingerjoint Board

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  • Team Impressive Transforms Sdn Bhd

         Impressive Transforms Sdn. Bhd. (ITSB) is a bumiputera  company that is growing rapidly and is viable in the timber industry. ITSB is a...
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  • Export Furniture Exhibition (EFE) at Convention Centre, KLCC with Deputy Prime Minister of Agriculture and Commodity (KPK)

    On 7 March 2023, our company joined a furniture exhibition, Export Furniture Exhibition (EFE). This exhibition took 4 days. We brought our own concept, which...
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  • Wood & Lifestyle Fair 2023 with Impressive Wood Castle Concept

    On 9 - 12 March 2023, Impressive Wood Sdn Bhd participated in a Wood & Lifestyle Fair at Malaysia Grand Bazaar, Kuala Lumpur (MGB)...
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  • Office Furniture Catalogue

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  • Laser Engrave Product Catalogue

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